Monday, July 7, 2008

Pete Barth and the Pride of Vallejo

The other author here with breaking news from Sheboygan: The voice of Sheboyganians everywhere is leading in a melodious chorus of approval for the mighty Brew Crew's acquiring of C.C. Sabathia in exchange for some prospects.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with his oeuvre, Sheboygan Press columnist Pete Barth is the Peter Gammons of Wisconsin's central coast.

Barth sums it up: "Today, Brewers fans bask in the glory of welcoming C.C. Sabathia to town. The Cy Young award winner. To Milwaukee. Not New York. Not Boston. Milwaukee."

Poetry, friends.

As we travel south along the coast of Wisconsin, we reach Milwaukee -- home of that storied franchise we all know and love. Its venerable news outlet, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal, reveals a disturbing, yet all-American mindset with its poll question: Is trading the long-term potential of prospects worth the possibility of short-term gain? 80 percent of its readership says yes, indeed, I'll eat this beer cheese soup and bratwurst now because it's delicious and will make me happy, even though I know after C.C. Sabathia's long gone next year because we couldn't afford to re-sign him, didn't we have a somewhat exciting run for the playoffs that, in the end, yielded nothing but a handful of broken dreams and a couple thousand extra tickets sold ... plus weight gain and heartburn?

Pete Barth is of that eternally hopeful mindset -- let's scrap the future for a shot at now. Down here it's our time, he's saying, it's our time down here.

Vallejo, California's own Carsten Charles Sabathia is the 6' 7", 290-lb. physical embodiment of hope. And Pete Barth? Well, he's more American than you or I may ever hope to be.

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